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Purchase an Autographed Copy of

Jadeís Photos

If you want an autographed and endorsed copy of my book, I'm here to ship it to you.

Send me a check for $15.95 ($13.95 for book -- $1 off cover price -- and $2 for shipping and handling) and I will promptly ship you an autographed and endorsed copy.

Please supply the following information:

NAME: ____________________________________________

ADDRESS: _________________________________________

CITY/STATE: ______________________________________

ZIP CODE: ________________________________________

EMAIL: ___________________________________________

If you want the book endorsed to other than the above name, please supply the name of that person also.

Send the order to:

Randy Rawls

PO Box 85224

Hallandale, FL 33008

If you're ordering, send me an email at then Iíll be watching for your order. Please put the words Book Order in the subject line.

Don't forget to include the information requested above. I'll beat the Internet Bookstores shipping speed.


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