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1. DIE in Randy’s next book.

2. Get one of the FIRST copies of the book you named.

3. Get RECOGNITION on the Dedication Page.

Randy is writing the fifth Ace Edwards, Dallas PI mystery scheduled for publication by Quiet Storm Publishing in 2005.

Ace receives a three a.m. phone call from Jake Adams and is launched into an embezzlement case involving a law firm in a small town in Eastern North Carolina. Of course, Kit, Sweeper and Striker accompany him, and Tom stands by in Dallas to provide his usual cheerful, pro bono services. The sub-title is easy: Embezzlement in Williamston.

Now with all that you know about the story, you can provide the primary title. Contest rules are simple.

  1. Title must follow Randy’s naming convention: person’s name followed by event, i.e., Jake’s Burn, Joseph’s Kidnapping, Jade’s Photos, Jingle’s Christmas.

  2. Name must start with a J.

  3. Title limited to no more than three (3) words if first two are name——two (2) words preferred.

That’s it. Name it and you will DIE in the book. Plus, you’ll get one of the FIRST copies of the book after publication, and Randy’s THANK YOU on the Dedication Page.

Send email entries to Use Naming Contest as the subject.