Jingle's Christmas

Ace Edwards Mysteries #4

Santa's Chief Elf for North Texas Operations is beard-deep in trouble. It is December 15, his warehouse has been raided and the Christmas toys stolen. He fears telling Santa so he does the next best thing, hires Arthur Conan Edwards (Ace), Dallas PI. 

Ace is little inclined to believe in Christmas Elves, so he reaches out to his friends, "Kit" Carsen Levitt and Tom Roberts. For reasons that baffle Ace, Kit readily accepts the elf. Tom, a computer guru, lifts an eyebrow but follows Kit's lead.

Ably assisted (or perhaps not) by the Elf and Ace's cats, Sweeper and Striker, the trio set out to unearth the thieves from the bowels of Dallas. Driven by the determination to save the joy of Christmas morning for children, they dig deeper than ever before.