Jospeph's Kidnapping

Ace Edwards Mysteries #2

After the usual three a.m. phone call, Ace heads for Canton, home of First Monday Trade Days and Chip’s Training Camp, the ranch belonging to his client, Chip Jamison. Strange twists leave Ace wondering why he took the job, however Chip’s voluptuous sister, Wanda, provides reason to stay.

Joseph is recovered but a brutally murdered body points to him as the prime suspect. Was it Joseph’s kidnapper or has another black-heart entered the case? Surveillance, a skunking, locals who think Joseph guilty, and a female man-hating lawyer plague Ace as he unravels the mystery.

Ace’s cats, Sweeper and Striker, accompany him and either help or hinder—Ace is never sure which. History of Van Zandt County and First Monday Trade Days provides a colorful backdrop to Ace’s narration.