Hot Rocks

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"I loved this book and will definately be getting more from this author." - S. Zawadzki /

"Designed, like the Spenser novels, mostly to show off how tough and smart-mouthed the detective is." - Kirkus /

"Very intense, but a lot of humor as well." - Nancy /

Best Defense

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"I loved the characters in this fast-paced page-turner. I can't wait for the next Beth Bowman novel from seasoned author Randy Rawls." - D.M. Littlefield /

"Fast-moving, genial, surprise-free and utterly routine. Not the best airplane read but definitely one to consider..." - Kirkus /

"Best Defense is filled with humor, sarcasm, wit and characters that you will love." - Fran /

Thorns On Roses

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"This is a super good read. It has fast paced action with suspense and action." - Andy /

"I read a lot, and this was a very exciting book. It's full of revenge, love, and suprises." - Jeff /

"This dark and gripping vigilante tale is a true page turner. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys thrillers." - Roxanne /

Jake's Burn

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"Jake's Burn was a quick and fun read. The characters were multi-dimentional and real. The plot had many twists and turns and Jake was in the middle of them all." - NashFlash /

"5 stars! It was very good!" - Kay Elam /


Joseph's Kidnapping

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"Ace and the boys have a ball getting to the bottom of the latest mystery. Recommend it for all. " - Rich E. /

"4 stars! It was a very enjoyable book to read." - P.J. Nunn /

Jade's Photos

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"Plenty of mystery, action and a bit of Texas folklore and culture to keep readers highly entertained. Once again Randy Rawls has another strong novel in his series worth reading." - Kevin T. /

"I give it 5 stars because I thought it was great!" - Christopher /


Jingle's Christmas

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"What a cute and lovely Christmas story. Thanks Randy. Glad to see you are still appearing in the stories. Recommend this one highly." - autumnwind /

"It is a good book! 4 stars!" - P.J. /

Jasmin's Fate

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"One of the distinguishing aspects of these novels about randy Ace Edwards, written, readers will no doubt have noticed, by Randy Rawls, is the neat well-researched historical element the author always inserts. " - Carl B. /

"It’s a cozy style novel told from Ace's viewpoint with a cast of solid recurring characters and an intriguing mystery." - Elaine R. /


Jeb's Deception

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"A well told story of suspense, colorful characters, and humor. Randy's description of airline snacks is spot on and a real hoot. Another tale of greed and exploitation of family. " - Andy /

"Another great book from Randy Rawls. 4 Stars." - P.J. /